[NEWS] Super Junior and Psy will perform at the 2012 MAMA

Super Junior and Psy will perform at the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards, which will be held in Hong Kong on November 30.

Super Junior topped the charts with their sixth album early this year, and their music videos are also popular in many Asian countries, North and South American countries, and Australia.

Psy is currently popular in such countries as the U.S., the UK, Australia, and the Netherlands with his song, “Gangnam Style.”

Han Dong Cheol, a director of the 2012 MAMA, says, “Super Junior and Psy are all world-famous singers. After we announced that the 2012 MAMA will soon be held, many people from such nearby Asian countries as Hong Kong inquired about Super Junior and Psy’s appearance. They have already given high-quality performances for their fans on music awards held by Mnet. They’re expected to give upgraded performances for the audience at the 2012 MAMA, so please look forward to them. More world-renowned singers will perform at the awards. We’ll announce their names one by one.”

Names of the nominated singers will be released on October 23 at 5:00 p.m. on Mnet’s WIDE.

The 2012 MAMA will be held on November 30 at HKCEC (Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center).


Source: TV Report



[INFO] Big Bang’s G-Dragon: “I want to launch my own accessory brand”

A pictorial and an interview of Big Bang’s G-Dragon with Verbal were recently released through the November issue of GQ Korea.

G-Dragon said, “I was impressed to see a musician, who had his own brand. I really want to launch my own brand so I asked him a lot of things when we met for the first time.”

He also talked about a picture that he released through his Twitter account, “I like big necklaces and these bolt accessories so I colored them like the Korean national flag.”

Verbal said, “I have known G-Dragon since he was a little boy. I heard that he bought lots of Ambush products in Japan. He bought them from an other store instead of my atelier and I was impressed.”

Verbal is a director for the accessory brand Ambush and a rapper of popular Japanese hip-hop group m-flo. He launched the special edition Ambush X GD last month with G-Dragon.

Source: TV Report


[INFO] Big Bang’s G-Dragon makes his pet dog popular too

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently ranked first with his pet dog Gaho.

The October 24 episode of MBC Every1′s Week Idol released the ranking on the idol stars’ pet dogs, who are also as popular as their owners.

Since idol stars cast their votes for the ranking, the show could find that more idols have cute pet dogs than they thought.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has Choco and each of JYJ members also has a pet dog too. SHINee’s Jong Hyun was also in the ranking with his pet dog.

However, G-Dragon’s Gaho ranked first. Gaho previously appeared on TV, red carpet, and concert stage with G-Dragon and drew a lot of attention. Gaho is already like a popular star among idols.

Many stars, including, Infinite’s Hoya and Secret’s Hyo Seong, who cast votes for Gaho, said, “Gaho is already popular as a cute dog.”

The whole ranking will be released on the October 24 episode of the series, which will air at 6:00 p.m.


Source: TV Report